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GroundCoverDBM is THE established expert in Japanese Knotweed eradication.

If you are faced with a Japanese Knotweed problem, you are not alone!  It is one of the biggest environmental problems facing developers and land managers all over the UK.

As consultants and contractors, we design, develop and implement the most appropriate and cost effective solution for each site. Our specialists understand the needs of developers, who must meet deadlines, yet stay within budget and regulations. We can meet your site safety and operating systems, as we do for our clients including national housebuilders, developers and contractors.  Our site crew were rewarded by BovisLendLease for their adherence to site procedures on the complex Athletes' Village project.

We provide you with a range of options, and offer a bespoke service that addresses your needs as an individual client.

Dig and dump - excavator loading infested soils into lorry for disposal at landfill.

• Installation of knotweed barriers

• 'Move and treat' service to release land for development

• All the herbicide treatment solutions currently available in the UK

• Excavation and disposal to landfill



Key features of GroundCoverDBM’s services:

• Optimum solutions found to meet individual needs and budgets
• Projects managed from start to finish, within a firm and fixed price
• Professional and efficient service from our experienced contracting team
• Reliable and effective treatments
• Three year site monitoring and reporting service

Contact us today to discuss how we can provide a solution to the Japanese Knotweed on your site.

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