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When you come to GroundCoverDBM, you get the benefit of our long track record in successful Japanese Knotweed eradication.

Our specialists have been researching, and working with, Japanese Knotweed since 1988. Our commissioned, published work dates back to 1990 and we continue to work on new guidance and research documents for  local and national government bodies.

Our expertise has been validated by the issue of an Environment Agency Waste Management Mobile Plant Licence; and was also recognised in the Wales Environment Awards 2004.

Since 2001, GroundCover has processed over 51,000 m³ of knotweed-infested material that would otherwise have gone to landfill. Our success in eradicating Japanese Knotweed in a diverse range of situations, throughout the UK, is described in the ‘Case Studies’ section.

You also know that you will get an efficient service from GroundCoverDBM.  ‘Overall we are very pleased with the process and the resulting reduction in cost and environmental damage achieved ‘ (Bovis Lend Lease, 2009).  Our parent companies are accredited to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Is it Knotweed? Send us photographs for confirmation and eradication advice. A clear picture of a whole leaf and section of stem, or of the whole plant, is best.

Japanese Knotweed shoots emerging in early spring. Japanese Knotweed has many small white flowers in the autumn. Japanese Knotweed has heart shaped leaves and hollow stems. Dense Japanese Knotweed growth
Japanese Knotweed can be identified by its heart-shaped leaves, hollow stems and clusters of white flowers.







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